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When you add the webpart to you publishing page you see this:

First, we want the query some content, so I added some pages to the Pages library. In fact we can add pages with any kind of Content Type to the roll-up. To make it easy, we add 3 pages with content type "Article page" to the Pages Library

Now when we edit the webpart and choose the current site. In fact we can add any subsite from the site collection. To make it easy we add only the current subsite.

This results in the following:

This layout is the standard one, and can be customized in all differents kind of ways. To give some examples we added some use cases. This is only an example of a simple DateTime, Title layout

We only display title and modified date in this simple example, but all kind of site columns can be added without doing a lot of configuration.

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Fdamra Feb 11, 2016 at 9:16 AM 
can you please upload the images again , the images' link it seems broke. still how to use is not clear.